Chachi Kamikazi

Who is Chachi Kamikazi?





He was born in Brooklyn and raised in Flatbush, by the Newkirk (Newcrack) sides. Chachi Kamikazi’s real name is Christopher Angel Gonzalez and he grew up in a area where fighting, drug dealing, and gang related activities were a typical day in the neighborhood. At the age of 8, Chachi was free styling to the instrumentals his brother used to make, as well as listening and gaining inspiration from artists like Eminem, Jay Z , Biggie Smallz, Big Pun, Wu Tang Clan, Bone Thugs, and Harmony. His older brother, Joey SZA Handz used to play this type of music frequently in the small apartment that they lived in.

At the age of 11, Chachi obtained a knack for writing poetry as well as winning awards in middle school for them. Chachi became older and  started losing a couple close friends around his neighborhood. He noticed that life was moving on, that the world continued to turn.  Life was getting more and more real. Chachi started smoking weed and cigarettes. He also began to drink with his best friend Yusef Fergoug aka Joey Fergisun, and ended up bonding as brothers. They went through many things together such as fighting and girl problems , and a life changing event where Joey Fergisun had seen Chachi getting brutalized by Police officers. The event put him through a large psychological phase and changed his outlook on life. He realized that he could not even trust the people who are supposed to protect you. He missed two months of his junior year in high school, in which time he spent writing raps. A few  months later he met up with his old friend Gamal Abdu, and at the age of 16, they were already recording music.

They made it half-way through a mixtape before scraping it  and working on a new project  entitled To Paint A Picture. He then met Alejandro R, a young director and producer and created his first video Crack Of Dawn. A year later Chachi and his team, now named, Viiluminati helped to create his first free album To Paint a Picture, which is to be released July 27th.


Chachi had this to say about his crew, [blockqoute3]Time will tell when The ViiLLUMiNATi Shall rise and take over the Galaxy.[/blockqoute3]

Works Beside:

Jay Pounds (Featured in Kings County Knights & City Lights) – Rapper/Artist

Joey Fergison (featured in Kings County Knights) – Rapper/Hype-man

Alexander Rodriguez- Videographer/Director/Producer

Gamal Abdu (Featured in Crack of Dawn) – Producer/Artist





  1. Kim 10 months ago

    Great inspirational story for all inter city youths to see and hear.

  2. La Moni Moni Serrano 10 months ago

    wow sometimes we all pas through that shit ,but will all ways find are way back again n life ,so keep up what are u doing i really don`t even know u but i really like all what u just write on your blog ..

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      empathynyc 10 months ago

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